The switch is firmly in progress from desktops to laptops in the gaming world.  It’s easy to see why.  Imagine being able to play from anywhere instead of being tied to your desk.  You could go to the living room (and use the big screen), a friend’s house (to use their big screen), the beach, the library, McDonalds, or just about anywhere.  Only ridiculously expensive specialized custom laptops have had the power to run the most demanding games well….until the newest ASUS gaming laptop. ASUS has released its newest G750 series laptop, the G750JH-DB71, and it’s a monster!

Most Powerful ASUS Gaming Laptop 2014

ASUS Gaming Laptop G750JH Front and Back View I

f you want possibly the most powerful gaming laptop PC ever, to take with you everywhere, then the ASUS G750JH-DB71 is the one for you.   You get a 4th generation Intel Core i7 4700HQ processor, 24 GB of RAM, 2 x 128 GB SSD, a 17.3 inch screen, an Nvidia GTX780M with 4GB of GDDR5; all this power for a surprisingly reasonable price!  Check out its many great features.

ASUS Gaming Laptop Style

ASUS Gaming Laptop G750JH-DB71 Rear ViewThe look of the new G750JH-DB71 can only be described as totally breathtaking.  With its aggressive F22 Raptor invisible-to-radar styling, including its dual air intakes and flowing lines, the new G750JH-DB71 looks the part of the baddest gaming laptop yet!

  • You will notice that with a slimmer front and heat-resistant, solid aluminum inclined palm rests, the G750JH-DB71 presents a more powerful stance than the previous G models and its ergonomic design will keep you in the game longer without fatigue.
  • The colossal dual rear exhaust vents are highly effective in cooling the G750JH and double as a sleekly aggressive flowing lines and panels combine with massive rear-venting dual exhausts that double as a striking visual touch.
  • Subtle touches like the illuminated ROG logo on the cover only increase the cool factor.

So should you care about styling in a gaming laptop?  After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts right?  No!! That’s like saying that you could make a Corvette look like a Prius and as long as the inside stayed Corvette, it would still be a cool car!  No!! The fact that a Prius with an LS7 might be cool notwithstanding, it’s still not the same!  We love Corvettes for their amazing styling that gives them a powerful, fast look!  Should it be any different with powerful laptops?  I know I don’t want my gaming laptop to look like an econobox!  Every time I look at it I want to be proud of it and I want it to scream power and speed at me!  That’s what you get with the G750JH! So if you showed up at your best friend’s house with an ASUS G750JH for your next battle, would that be showing off?  Oh yeah!

ASUS G750 Promotional Video


Can the right gaming laptop make you a better gamer and a mightier ally to your teammates?  With the G750JH, the answer is definitely yes!

  • Games run faster with lightning-quick response from the new technology 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor which is light-years ahead of previous generation processors.  With the G750JH you get the latest thermally-efficient, high-end i7-4700HQ that runs at a blistering 3.4 GHz that provides the smoothest gaming experience, outstanding multitasking capability, and longer battery life.
  • You will appreciate the 2-second instant-on from hibernate mode and the auto data backup which gives you peace-of-mind by protecting your data when the battery falls below 5%.


  • The G750JH comes with a massive 24 GB of 1600 MHz, DDR3L ram in 4 SO-DIMM slots that support up to 35 GB.  You games will no longer be bumping up against memory constraints that can cause power-robbing swapping.


  • Obviously the larger the screen the better when gaming and truthfully you may be using the external video capability to play on a large screen monitor most of the time, but it’s nice to have a large screen like the 17.3 inch when a larger screen is not available.
  • The G750JH comes with a beautiful 16:9, Full HD 3D, enhanced wide viewing angle, LED backlight screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate for crisp, crystal clear images from nearly any angle.
  • The enhanced wide viewing angle of 140 degrees means you can share your screen with others without fade or color wash from their view.
  • The matte anti-glare coating looks good under any light conditions and reduces annoying reflections and eye strain when playing in bright light.
  • Does it get any better than NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M discrete graphics on a laptop?  You get a top-of-the-line graphics adapter in a laptop with 4 GB of onboard GDDR5 VRAM for amazing images with fast refresh even for the high detail in the most demanding games.  And this graphics adapter supports 3D with smooth delivery and amazing performance.  Worried about the lack of 3D games?  Don’t be.  Hundreds of titles are already available with many more on the way in the near future.
  • The new GTX 700 series video graphics adapters offer DirectX 11.0 compatibility and all the horsepower you can use to display games with as much as 50%-75% faster rendering than previous GPUs.

Operating System

  • ASUS recommends Windows 8 for its laptop and the G750JH comes with that operating system installed.  Whether you like Windows 8 or not, this operating system has all the resources required to run optimized and provide powerful multi-tasking capability.
  • Windows 8 touch and gesture controls also works in combination with the G750JH’s touchpad and Leap Motion technology to do more with fully-body motion than ever before.

Leap Motion

  • For the first time on a multimedia notebook, let your hands become the controller with ASUS Leap Motion technology.  The G750JH uses high-precision, volumetric scanning to accept your lifelike motions for a wide range of actions in a growing number of applications.


  • ASUS didn’t forget about storage on the G750JH.  It comes configured with a 1 TB hard disk drive and 2 – 128GB solid state drives configured in RAID 0 for accelerated system performance and voluminous capacity in one setup.
  • The G750JH features up to 10 Gbit/s data transfer rates (roughly double USB 3.0) thanks to the built-in Intel Thunderbolt technology which combines PCI Express and DisplayPort in one connection and cable.
  • The G750JH will also accept many options for storage including dual HDD drives.
  • A Blu-Ray DVD combo drive provides the perfect source for games and movies.


  • Gaming requires a keyboard that supports sensitive and sometimes subtle actions that can make the difference between winning and losing.  The G750JH comes with a premium, one-piece keyboard that provides longer key travel for sensitive response while at the same time being durable so that it can take what you dish out.
  • It doesn’t hurt that the keyboard also looks great with its variable backlighting keys and seamless integration with the overall design.  It’s also a completely functional keyboard with a full numeric keypad and separate directional keys.
  • Could this be the finest keyboard available on any gaming notebook to date?
  • Joining the keyboard input is an oversized, multi-point touchpad with scissor-feet touchpad keys that provides greater precision and control along with easy navigation and input.


  • If you’re really into gaming you know that sound may be as important as the video in a game both for the experience and positional awareness.  While you might be thinking of installing booming external speakers or using expensive headphones to enhance your gaming experience, don’t discount the built-in notebook sound provided by the G750JH.  With its gaming-inspired ASUS SonicMaster, ROG AudioWizard, and MaxxAudio technology, and built-subwoofer, you get increased power, range, and clarity that translate to more gaming enjoyment.
  • SonicMaster consists of larger speakers and resonance chambers and software fine-tuning to deliver a deeper bass experience than more traditional systems while MaxxAudio give you quick and easy control to tailor the sound output to your personal tastes.
  • The onboard headphone amplifier channels extra power to the headphones to ROG or any headphones you use sound better.
  • How you sound is also very important in gaming and the G750JH’s array microphone provides great voice quality so that you are heard and understood by your online teammates or during VoIP with family and friends.  The microphones are designed to filter out ambient noise so that you come in loud and clear even in noisier environments.


  • The HD camera ensures your friends can see you clearly and recognize your emotions when you save their hide and expect a small thank you in return.


  • With all that power, as you might imagine, the G750JH can generate some serious heat and needs the powerful cooling of the dual, rear-venting fans and specially designed grillwork.
  • This setup can carry massive amounts of heat away from you to the rear of the system where it won’t be a distraction during heavy gaming and will quietly keep the G750JH’s core components stable and safe.

Network Communications

  • You will stay connected on the go using the G750JH’s integrated “Killer” wireless running at 802.11N speeds while also being backward compatible with A/B/G adapters.
  • For the fastest speeds, you will use the built-in 10/100/1000 BaseT RJ45 connection to improve your gaming experience.
  • The advanced Bluetooth 4.0 support also integrated on the WLAN adapter is the best you can get on a laptop and supports state-of-the-art connections like input devices and headphones.


  • Despite its speed and power, the G750JH still provides a reasonable 3.5 hours of battery life from its 8 cells and 5900 mAh of charge.

Power Adapter

  • You can confidently plug in whether you’re in the U.S. or other countries thanks to the power adapter’s variable voltage and frequency of 100-240V and 50/60 Hz respectively.


  • ASUS claims to provide the most comprehensive laptop coverage in the industry including a 1-Year international warranty and FREE 1-Year of accidental damage protection.  For more information on ASUS warranties please visit ASUS Notebook Care.


  • 1 – 3-in-1 multimedia card reader (SD/MMC/MS)
  • 1 – Microphone-in jack
  • 1 – Headphone-out jack
  • 1 – Headphone-out jack (SPDIF)
  • 1 – VGA port/Mini D-sub 15-pin for external monitor
  • 4 – USB 3.0
  • 1 – RJ45 LAN
  • 1 – HDMI
  • 1 – RJ11 modem jack (phone line)
  • 1 – Thunderbolt mini-display port


  • Between the built-in Kensington lock, LoJack, and Intel’s Anti-theft, you should be secure from most theft attempts.


  • One tradeoff with the G750JH that you have to expect is size and weight.  Although it is relatively thin, it measures a large 16.1 x 12.5 x 0.7~2.2 inches and weighs in at a hefty 10.5 lbs.

ASUS Gaming Laptop Pros

  • Blindingly fast
  • Dynamite screen and graphics
  • Massive storage
  • Stealthy good looks


  • Heavy
  • Large
  • Screen could be better resolution
  • More capable DVD drive would be nice

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