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Laptops Under 200: Featured Image

Laptops Under 200: Top Rated Chromebook Laptop Computer Perfect Student Notebook

If you’re looking for laptops under 200 then you’ve probably resigned yourself to buying a low performance Google Chromebook with few features that can only run Google software, has virtually no storage, and an anemic amount of RAM.  There is good
Samsung Chromebook 3 Featured Image

Best Laptop Brands: Best Selling Chomebook Laptop 2016

There are many brands of laptops and even more models from which to choose.  The best laptop brands usually sell more because they have the quality, reliability, and performance that users want.   Looking for other laptop brands?  Be sure and
Acer Laptop C710-2833 Chromebook Front and Side with Picture

Acer Laptop: Best Value Acer Chromebook 2015

Chromebooks are really Google’s attempt at making a Netbook computer with their own operating system.  The Acer Chromebook has become very popular because of its low, entry-level price and compact size.  As an Acer laptop the Chromebook is very basic and