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Micro Computer: Top 4 Best Rated Windows Stick Computers

If you’re thinking about buying a micro computer, particularly for portable use, you should consider buying a stick computer or stick PC.  Stick computers are the smallest mainstream PCs you can buy and they work by simply plugging the micro computer
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Micro PC: 5 New Palm Sized Windows Mini PCs Do It All

Advancements in technology have allowed manufacturers to shrink desktop computers down to palm-sized micro PC powerhouses that can run the latest version of Windows plus just about any other software you would run on an advanced desktop computer.  A micro PC
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MiniPC: Hottest New Entertainment Mini Desktop PC 2016

You would like to use your flat screen TV to surf the web and even do some basic computing, but you don’t want some hulking desktop PC or tower or even a laptop cluttering your entertainment area.  What you need is