You’re looking for a low-priced computer, probably a laptop, but don’t know where to find one.  That’s what this article is designedCheap Used Computers For Sale On Amazon Logo to do; help you find cheap used computers for sale, both used laptop computers and used desktop computers, online.

Here’s what you need to know.  The used computer market is full of scammers who are willing to sell you anything believing you don’t know enough about a computer to know the difference.  They may sell you a computer with a different processor, less memory, or even a completely different computer than is advertised.  So how do you avoid being scammed?

First, you should deal with a reputable dealer and not with an individual if possible.  That’s not to say that you can’t trust your neighbor or someone from your neighborhood.  It’s just much less likely that you will be deceived by a reputable dealer who values their reputation.

Cheap Used Computers For Sale On Ebay LogoI have nothing against Craigslist.  I personally use it for many of my own purchases.  The advantage is that you will be able to see the unit before you buy and talk directly to the seller.  The disadvantage is that they are not a dealer, the product you’re buying will have no warranty, and they probably won’t want to hear from you once they have your money.  I don’t buy computers from Craigslist for that reason.  You should use your own best judgment.

What about buying online?  There are several reputable computer dealers online that specialize in used or refurbished computers and offer you good value and as safe a buy as you will find on the internet.  This article will recommend to you several reputable dealers however, remember buyer beware.  You alone are responsible for thoroughly checking out any dealer you are considering.

One last advantage of buying from a reputable dealer is financing.  Many larger used and refurbished computer resellers offer reasonable financing to those who qualify and that may take some of the sting out of your computer purchase.

Cheap Used Computers For Sale

We have compiled a brief list of what we consider to be the most reputable dealers in used or refurbished desktops and laptops.  The list is not exhaustive and it would be hard to rank them in order so they are in no particular order.  Any of these dealers will give you a reasonable deal and safe ordering systems that respect your privacy.  Still, you alone are responsible for checking out any dealer you are considering.  We are only making suggestions that we hope are helpful to you in your search online.



Dell Refurbished Computers LogoMany people don’t know that Dell has an outlet section of their website.  There you will find hot deals on laptops and desktops of all kinds that can save you significantly over the original retail price.  Dells reputation goes without saying and they are trusted by millions who have purchased their computers from Dell.

Dell offers quick, simple financing on most of their products.

Click Here For More Information On Dell Financing Offers >>>

Click Here To Go To Dell’s Outlet Page >>>



Amazon has 1000’s of used and refurbished laptops and desktops for sale on any given day.  Amazon is also very reputable, but youCheap Laptops Amazon Logo need to be aware of one little known fact. Amazon sells products from 3rd-party retailers and each one has its own track record for customer service.  Be sure and check which retailer is selling you the computer and check their individual reputability to avoid problems.  That being said, products that are sold on Amazon are protected by Amazon’s A-To-Z Guarantee and you will be able to make a claim with Amazon in the event that there are any problems.

Sign up for Amazon Prime and you can get FREE 2-Day shipping on eligible models.  Amazon also offers a trade-in service where you can get up to $115 on an Amazon gift card for trading in your older computer model.

Amazon offers financing using their Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

Click Here For More Information On The Amazon Rewards Visa Card >>>

Click Here To See Refurbished And Used Computers On Amazon >>>


Best Buy

Cheap Desktop Computers At Best Buy LogoYes, Best Buy sells refurbished laptops and desktops that are even Geek Squad Certified Refurbished.  Best Buy is a very reputable dealer that values your patronage and provides up to 6-month financing to Best Buy card holders.  They also offer Store Pickup and additional specials like reduced shipping and discounts on accessories at the time of your purchase.

Check out more information about Geek Squad Refurbished Certification Here >>>


See Best Buy’s Current Selection Of Refurbished Laptops Here >>>

See Best Buy’s Current Selection of Refurbished Desktops Here >>>



EBay can be a great place to purchase a used desktop computer or a used laptop computer.  You just need to take some precautionsCheap Desktop Computers On Ebay Logo when dealing with sellers on eBay.  First, always pay with PayPal.  PayPal protects buyers above and beyond the protections that eBay offers.  EBay guarantees that you will get the item you ordered or get your money back.  They have a simple three-step eBay Buyer Protection process to assist you in case something goes wrong with your transaction.

When buying a cheap computer you usually have the choice of a Buy It Now price or you can bid on laptops in hopes of winning a lower bid price.  In either case, make sure that the seller has a very high positive feedback number; 100% if possible.  Also, choose a Top Rated Plus seller which should be indicated in their computer listing.  Those two ratings indicators will help you choose a reputable seller and reduce problems with your transaction.

eBay offers financing through PayPal’s BillMeLater service.

Click Here To Learn More About PayPal’s BillMeLater Service >>>

Click Here To See A Current List Of Used Computers On eBay >>>

Click Here To See A Current List Of Refurbished Computers On eBay >>>



Cheap Laptop Computers For Sales On TigerDirect LogoAnother very reputable retailer, TigerDirect maintains a listing of 100’s of refurbished laptops and desktops at any given time and is a Google Trusted Store.  They have one of the most popular programs online and typically offer a limited warranty 3 months for parts and 3 months for labor on refurbished computers.  

They also offer extended warranties on all computer systems through SquareTrade; one of the most popular and trusted online warranty companies.  SquareTrade offers their exclusive “Drops and Spills Protection” which covers your computer even in the event you drop it, spill coffee on it, or even step on it.  In addition they cover 100% parts and labor with no deductibles and cover all normal-use mechanical and electrical failures including hard drive crashes and loose charging ports.

They also offer financing through their TigerPay card for qualified buyers.

Click Here To See A Current List Of TigerDirect Refurbished Laptops >>>

Click Here To See A Current List Of TigerDirect Refurbished Desktops >>>


Click Here To Learn More About SquareTrade Extended Warranties >>>

Click Here To Learn More About TigerDirect’s TigerPay Card Financing >>>


I’m sure there are many more reputable sellers out there who offer used and refurbished cheap desktop computers and cheap laptop computers, but my preference is to deal with the sellers I’ve listed.  You should do your own research to find other sellers if you aren’t satisfied with this list.

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What do you think of our list?  Where are you planning to buy your cheap desktop computer or cheap laptop computers?  Please take a moment to leave a comment below.

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Thanks for reading!  I sincerely hope this article helps you find your next computer using a reputable seller who offers cheap used computers for sale!

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