What makes a cool gift?  The number one characteristic of a cool gift is that everybody wants it.  Since tastes change rapidly with the release of new products, it’s important that a cool gift be trending for the holidays.  These days cool also means mobile and so we have created our list of Cool Christmas Gifts 2013 that is made up of mobile devices everybody will want for the holidays!  Take a look at our list and see if you agree that one of these devices should make it to your short list of must-haves this holiday season!

Cool Christmas Gifts 2013 List

#6 – Cool Christmas Gifts 2013: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8-inch)

Cool Christmas Gifts 2013 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8-inch Front ViewThe only reason this tablet is in the #6 spot is that it’s older than a few months.  As we all know, the most popular gifts for the holidays are usually trending and are brand new.  That doesn’t make this any less of a great gift!  In fact, any Samsung Galaxy device would be a smart gift this season so take a good look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8-inch).  It carries the Samsung name, which is trending this holiday season, at least with respect to the awesome smart phones they have released this year.  Samsung is synonymous with quality construction and that is certainly true of this tablet.  It looks good, has all the benefits of Android Jelly Bean, gives you access to Google Play (one of the best app markets on the planet), has a great display, compact size, and lots of entertainment options.  You really can’t ask more from a tablet and if your giftee is already into the Android ecosystem, it’s really a no-brainer!  Click Here To Learn More!


#5 – Google Nexus 7 by Asus

Cool Christmas Gifts 2013 Google Nexus 7 Full ViewWhen it comes to tablets, Google has been developing some class leaders in recent months including this Nexus 7 by Asus.  It features a slim, clean design with a thin bezel and stunning display in a lightweight, easy-to-hold package.  With its 7-inch form factor, you can take this tablet with you literally everywhere and it even fits in a larger pocket for safekeeping.  Now you can do everything you wanted to do on your Galaxy phone, but it was just too inconvenient.  Watch movies, surf the web, stream videos, play games, read your favorite books…the entertainment options are almost endless. Click Here To Learn More!

#4 – Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Cool Christmas Gifts 2013 Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Landscape ViewThe brand new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is probably the surprise of the season with its groundbreaking 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and new ultra-HD display.  The HDX is the first tablet with this superfast processor and the 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution display can produce images far beyond standard HD quality.  The Snapdragon 800 features a new Andreno 330 GPU that produces 4X the performance of the previous Kindle Fire HD version.  You will get significantly faster graphics rendering of games, web pages, and documents with the new Kindle Fire HDX.  Click Here To Learn More!

#3 – Microsoft Surface 2 Pro

Cool Christmas Gifts 2013 Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Front ViewThis is sure to be one of the hot gifts for the holidays and prime candidate for your short list of great gifts.  This newer model of the Surface Pro; the Surface Pro 2 has many improvements over the 1st generation Surface Pro that has led Microsoft to claim that it could replace your laptop.  I’m not sure that everyone would agree with them, but one thing’s for certain; they make a good case with all of its new features.  The cool factor is high on this convertible with its dark titanium finish and colorful covers.  It has the performance, form factor, memory, convertibility (4 modes include Laptop, Tent, Tablet, Stand), and battery life to make it a hot choice for anyone seeking their next mobile device.  The difference between the Surface Pro 2 and the other tablets on this list is that you can reasonably expect to be able to do work on this device in addition to having fun. Click Here To Learn More!


#2 – Apple iPad Mini (Retina)

Cool Christmas Gifts 2013 Apple iPad Mini Retina DisplayThe iPad Air released early this month and the new iPad Mini Retina to be released later in November 2013 both share many common characteristics; the iPad Mini just miniaturizes them so that you can carry it with you more easily.  The iPad Air may be the hit of the holidays, but the new Mini may give it a run for its money.  The largest percentage of tablets being purchased appear to be 8 inches or smaller giving an edge to the iPad Mini Retina.  Users like the smaller form factor which makes the device more portable, lighter, and easier to hold in one hand or two.  The iPad Mini shares the elegant design and quality construction of the Air and is less expensive.  The iPad Mini has a powerful processor and amazing Retina display that is sure to give it an edge over the competition.  Click Here To Learn More!


#1 – Apple iPad Air

Cool Christmas Gifts 2013 Apple iPad Air Full ViewThe predictions are that the newly released Apple iPad Air will be the hot gift for the holidays and it’s easy to see why.  A new faster 64-bit processor with onboard motion co-processor, lighter and thinner construction (as thin as a pencil), class-leading Retina display, faster dual-antenna wireless, better webcams, and the same long 10 hour battery life all make the iPad Air a highly desirable tablet from the company that rewrote the rules on tablets.  If your giftee is in the Apple ecosystem already and likes the larger form factor, this is the gift of the holidays for them.  Click Here To Learn More!


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