When I was 18, I was really hoping for some cool gifts for Christmas and although the sweaters I got from my Mom, my Gram, and my girlfriend were all cool in their own way, they weren’t exactly what I had in mind.  Now, I’m not saying you should not buy a sweater as a gift for the holidays, but if you’re looking for a cool gifts 2013 deal on Cyber Monday, it won’t be a sweater.

While cool is always in the eye of the beholder, we think we’ve picked the coolest gift available for discount on Cyber Monday.  Although, it will most likely be so popular that a discount is not necessary, we’re still hoping that if you play your cards right, you can get a deal on this newest electronic gadget.  In fact it’s so new that it’s not even available at the time I’m writing this article.  It becomes available online at 8:00 AM, Friday, November 1, 2013.  Of course I’m talking about the new Apple iPad Air; only the coolest iPad yet!  Take a look and see if this should be the number one gift on your list for Cyber Monday.

Cool Gifts 2013: Apple iPad Air MD785LL/A with Wi-Fi (16 GB)

Cool Gifts 2013 Apple iPad Air Full ViewApple iPads have been wildly popular tablets since they were first introduced.  The Apple iPad Air threatens to take the frenzy to new heights as even existing iPad users seek to trade in their device for this new model.  Why?  A new, faster 64-bit processor, a new M7 motion co-processor, lighter and thinner construction, a beautiful Retina display, dual-antenna wireless, a new 5 mp iSight camera along with an updated FaceTime HD camera, with the same long 10 hour battery life, and I think you get the idea…it’s better in nearly every way.  Just take a look at its long list of features.

Apple iPad Air Video

Cool Gifts 2013 Style

  • In addition to being much lighter and thinner than the previous generation, the iPad Air has an elegant, yet durable unibody construction that you can feel.  Easy-to-carry and easy on the eyes, this is a beautiful tablet that you will feel proud to own.


  • Apple brings its new, more powerful, 64-bit A7 processor chip to the iPad Air, giving it desktop-class performance (up to 2X faster than the previous generation in both CPU and graphics) in an unbelievably small and lightweight package.
  • Included in the package is Apple’s M7 motion coprocessor which offloads motion sensor (gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass) collection and processing from the A7 to improve performance and app compatibility and capability.  The result is a better user experience and great battery life.


  • The stunning 9.7-inch Retina display of the new iPad Air appears larger because of the reduced width of the device and theCool Gifts 2013 Apple iPad Air Side View smaller side bezels when in fact it’s the same size.  You get over 3.1 million pixels in its 2048 x 1536 resolution for eye-popping detail and crisp, clear text.
  • The effect is to make the display seem more prominent and bring all of your content alive.

Network Connectivity

  • The new dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, dual-antenna Wi-Fi design supports MIMO (multiple input multiple output) for up to double (300 Mbps) the Wi-Fi performance. Sharing and downloads are faster than ever before.
  • Get the LTE version and you will enjoy more LTE bands and service on more networks world-wide.

Cool Gifts 2013 Apple iPad Air Game ViewOperating System

  • The iPad Air and iOS 7 were designed as a seamless marriage of software and hardware so they work better together better than that of typical tablets.  You may not even notice the hundreds of small details that were incorporated into iOS 7 and in the architecture to make your life easier, your experience more rewarding, and the iPad Air more elegant.
  • You will appreciate the many new features of iOS 7 including smarter multitasking, AirDrop, and Control Center that help what you need to do be something that you want to do.
  • The new Apple iCloud seamlessly integrates all your devices and syncs their content automatically.  Start a Pages document on your Mac and finish it on the plane using your iPad Air.  All those great pictures you took on your iPhone will instantly be available on your iPad Air for showing off to family and friends. Even start watching your favorite movie on your iPad Air and restart it right where you left on your HD TV using Apple TV.
  • The Apple iPad Air comes with many useful apps that enhance the things you do everyday like checking email, talking on FaceTime, or consulting Siri.
  • Now add to that iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote all free with the new iPad Air.  All the new apps are optimized for the 64-bit architecture and iOS 7 so you know they will run flawlessly and smoothly.

Cool Gifts 2013 Apple iPad Air Cover ViewCovers/Cases

  • Although the commercials imply that iPads are somehow lacking in their ability to stand on their own, the truth is that new Covers and Cases provide all the protection and stability you need.  The new Smart Covers for the iPad Air have been redesigned to complement its thin profile.  As a bonus, the Smart Cover puts the iPad Air to sleep when you close it and wakes it up immediately upon opening.  It even becomes a tablet stand when you fold it.
  • Want more all-around protection front and back?  Then your choice should be the new Smart Case.  Made from rich leather and designed to be thin, it also controls whether your iPad Air is asleep or awake.  The new Smart Case also folds into a convenient stand.  The new Smart Cover and Smart Case come in a variety of brilliant colors.

iPad Air Smart Cover - Case Colors


  • An updated FaceTime HD camera in the iPad Air has a next-generation backside illumination sensor with larger pixels for brighter chats, selfies, and group Photo Booth shots under a variety of lighting conditions.
  • Like taking pictures?  The new 5-megapixel iSight camera lets you quickly swipe between stills or 1080p HD video and automatically adjusts to produce the best picture or video possible.


  • The dual microphones on the iPad Air work together to enhance voice audio while suppressing background noise improving FaceTime calls, video recordings, and even Siri voice recognition.


  • Apple provides a 1-year limited warranty and 90 days of complimentary support on iPad Air.


  • Along with an increase of power and a reduction in size could have come a reduction in battery life.  That is not the case with the new thinner and more powerful iPad Air.  Remarkably, you get the same long, all-day, 10-hour battery life that the iPad series is known for.

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