What is a laptop sleeve 15.6?  It’s a compact, lightweight, often stylish laptop enclosure for users who want to prevent scratches and other cosmetic damage to their 15.6-inch laptop or notebook without having to lug around a full-size laptop bag.

They are often made from neoprene rubber which is the same material used in a variety of other products including fly-fishing waders, wetsuits, gaskets, and hoses.  This material is favored in laptop sleeves because of its durability, light weight, color choices, and protective capability.

To be certain, these are not traditional laptop bags which are designed to carry more than just the laptop.  Laptop sleeves may however be incorporated into laptop bags so that you can protect your laptop during the work day and leave the bulky bag behind.

Laptop Sleeve 15.6 Collage

There are many manufacturers of laptop sleeves and if you’re looking for a laptop sleeve 15.6 inches in size, there are a few things you should consider.

Laptop sleeves can be advertised that they are for 15.6-inch laptops, but may have different characteristics that fit some laptops better than others are even not at all.  We’re of course talking about generic laptop sleeves which are less expensive and just as capable as sleeves from laptop manufacturers designed specifically for their models.

Laptop Sleeve 15.6 Selection Tips

So the first thing to consider is whether the sleeve will fit your laptop.  You can do this by carefully considering the dimensions of the sleeve and comparing it to your laptop or notebook.  Usually the size that is indicated such as laptop sleeve 15.6 inches refers to the diagonal measurement of the laptop screen.

A loose fitting sleeve will let your laptop slide around inside and be uncomfortable to carry around.  One that is too tight will make it difficult to insert and remove your laptop.

If you’re going to carry your laptop around primarily in the sleeve by itself, you should consider a thicker sleeve with impact-resistant materials in case you drop the sleeve and laptop.


Do you want to use your sleeve as a replacement for a laptop case or computer bag?  You might consider a sleeve that has pockets and other storage areas so that you can carry laptop-related accessories in your sleeve.

Style and color are an important consideration for many people choosing a laptop sleeve.  Within just the past year, laptop sleeves have been released in just about every color under the rainbow and prints or all kinds.  Much like t-shirts, you can personalize your laptop sleeve so that it reflects your style.

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Laptop Sleeve 15.6 Inch Selections

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With laptop sleeves, there is no limit to the styles and colors you have to choose from?  Which laptop sleeve are you planning to buy?  Please take a moment to leave a comment below.

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