Second Hand Laptops: Reliable Refurbished Laptops Save Money

Second hand laptops can save you money over buying a brand new laptop.  Many second handSecond Hand Laptops Apple MacBook Pro Refurbished laptops are like new and represent a true savings.  The trick to buying second hand laptops is to choose refurbished models from a reliable source.

First, let me say that I have nothing against   I have successfully bought and sold many, many items over the years.  With that said, you could go on and pick up any number of cheap laptops that seem like is amazing deals, but there is definitely risk involved.  Let me tell you a short story.

Short Story

I bought a used high-performance laptop thinking that it was just what I needed, but after I got it home I noticed that it was much slower than I expected.  It seemed to work fine, so I took a look for viruses or other resource hogs and made an amazing discovery.

Although on the outside the laptop looked right, on the inside it was a completely different story.

When I bought it, I checked to make sure it worked and it had the right amount of RAM, but I didn’t think to check the processor.  The person who sold it to me or someone else had swapped out the laptop’s motherboard.  They completely changed the internal computer hardware of the notebook.  It had a basic Celeron processor instead of the Quad Core i7 that I was expecting.  The difference in performance and cost between those two processors is significant.  I complained to the seller, but he didn’t answer me and told me “buyer beware.”


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I was basically out of luck and out of a lot of money.  I wasn’t about to resell it by misrepresenting it so I had to sell it for what it was and lost much of my investment.

The moral of the story is that buying used laptop computers or desktop computers on the internet is risky.  You need to know what you’re buying and who you’re buying from.  This is just as appropriate if you buy a used computer from a local business or other local seller.



Refurbished Minimizes Risk

Second Hand Laptops HP Refurbished LaptopThe way to minimize your risk is to buy a refurbished laptop from a reliable source where you have recourse if the laptop is not right.  Usually when you buy used laptops, you don’t get a warranty and don’t have any recourse.

What is a refurbished laptop?  Is it just a used cheap laptop?  No, not at all.  Refurbished laptops come from remanufacturers, sometimes even the original manufacturer, and have been tested and repaired to meet original manufacturer’s specifications.  They usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty that, although not usually as long as the original warranty, gives you more confidence that the computer will be right.  Buying refurbished computers could be considered a little like buying new laptops on sale.  Some of the best laptop deals are on refurbished laptop PCs.



Let’s face it, anytime you buy a used or refurbished computer you are risking that something hidden might be wrong with it that you won’t find out until you are able to use it.  The key is to have some recourse with the seller like a warranty or leverage that gives you more confidence that eventually the laptop will be right.

Buying refurbished is a great way to save money, to find laptop deals, and if you minimize your risk, a great way to find real value.

Trusted Refurbished Sources

There are two marketplaces on the internet where you can buy refurbished notebooks and you haveSecond Hand Laptops Dell Inspiron 17 Refurbished some leverage in relation to the purchase; eBay and Amazon.

When you buy from Amazon or eBay the seller depends on good customer relationships to sell their products and remain on the marketplace.  In the case of eBay, you can see how many products the seller has sold and what their rating is.  In the case of Amazon, you can also see ratings and you can see reviews of the product.

One of Amazon’s newest offerings is their Certified Refurbished designation.  Each product on Amazon with the Certified Refurbished label has been certified to look and work like new, with limited to no signs of wear.  Refurbishing includes functionality testing, inspections, reconditioning, and repackaging.  You can expect the product to ship with all of its relevant accessories and a minimum 90-day warranty.  Only select sellers who maintain the highest seller performance may offer Certified Refurbished products.  Amazon Certified Refurbished laptops offer you one more level of confidence that you are going to get a good value.

Second Hand Laptops Recommendation

Between Amazon and eBay, we recommend Amazon.  It’s only fair to tell you that we do business with both and have had good and bad experiences with both.

Amazon has the edge in customer service as they will refund your money if the seller has wronged you and won’t refund your money.

Also, the sellers on Amazon have to jump through more hoops to become part of the marketplace and that means they are theoretically less likely to be fly-by-night.

There you have it.  That’s how you buy one a second hand laptop while minimizing your risk.  Choose a refurbished model from a trusted source.


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