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Are you planning to buy the latest laptop in the market and do away with your old one?  Perhaps a loved one knows about your love for gadgets like laptops and surprised you with a super-fast, sleek and powerful laptop on your birthday.  So now that you have a better laptop computer, you might want to consider giving away or selling your old one. You can donate it to a recycling center, but if it is in a workable condition, wouldn’t you want to make a few bucks out of it?  You’re probably thinking, “I definitely need to sell my laptop.”There are several ways of selling your laptop computer. However, before you even think about ‘how to sell my laptop‘, you need to take care of a few things.Sell My Laptop Apple MacBook Pro Canted View

Things to Take Care of Before You Sell 

Is your laptop broken or is there any major issue with it like a broken/cracked screen or bad display? Are some of its keys missing or non-functional? Does it have charging issues? These are some of the basics your buyer would want to know and may not be willing to make a purchase if he/she feels your device is not worth the money you are charging for it. Fixing these issues will certainly help make a sale, but it may not worth it if you spend more on it than you expect to get back.


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If your laptop is not in good working order, it will be harder to sell and you might want to consider donating it to charity or even recycling it.  At the very least, don’t throw it away.  All used laptops have value to somebody.

Your buyer will also expect the laptop to reach him/her in a certain way – it should be clean, free from your personal data (back it up), and not have missing accessories like its charger, instruction manual and so on. Also inform potential buyers about the specifications of the laptop and highlight any or all the major attractions. For example, if you have installed any special software, use it to sell the device. Make sure the laptop is free from virus and malware.

Also consider the demand for the laptop in the market. Is a newer, better, affordable version of the laptop available in the market presently? Is the laptop running on an outdated technology? Is the device popular? Also consider the product life cycle – if the company that your laptop belongs to, is likely to launch a new model in the near future, you may not attract a lot of buyers.  Gaming laptops are wildly popular.  If you have a gaming laptop to sell, you can expect higher demand.  Touch screen laptops are also in demand.  If you have a touch screen laptop, it will bring a higher price.

Sell My Laptop Generic HP Canted ViewSell Your Laptop Fast

Now comes the answer to our question – ‘how to sell my laptop‘? There are a number of effective options for you, and some of the best are:

Inform Friends and Family 

Let your friends and family know that you are looking for a seller for your laptop computer. They would gladly help you find buyers, and you may not have to spend extra on the whole process.


Use Social Media 

These are the times when social media accounts prove helpful. Mention the sale on your social media account, informing about the laptop brand, model and specs. You can also add a picture of the laptop (make sure it is a current photograph). Mentioning the approximate price of the laptop is also suggested. 

eBay and Craigslist 

If you have sold items on these websites before, you are likely to get more buyers due to the ‘credibility factor’. However, it is likely that you may have to set up a few meetings before making a deal, which can lengthen the process.  Your will find that a lot of people sell PC laptops on both eBay and Craigslist.

Trade In or Sell Online 

Another option is to trade in your laptop. You sell it to a trade-in website at a relatively lower cost than your expected price, but save yourself from the long and time-consuming process of making a sale. The trade-in site will take care of selling the laptop, though it will be charged higher than your selling price. Certain sites like Amazon Trade-In may not compensate you with cash, but may offer you Amazon gift cards or coupons. The same is the case with Apple. If you are selling a MacBook, the company will offer you a gift card based on the current value of your device. 

Among the most popular websites to sell used laptop computers (apart from the ones mentioned above) are Gazelle, Nextworth and Best Buy Trade-In. 

Before shipping your laptop, make sure you are aware of the policies of the website. If you are meeting the buyer personally, do not hand over the laptop unless you get the complete amount.


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