These days if you’re buying one of the top laptop brands of notebook computers and not a tablet or convertible, you should planTop Laptop Brands Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Front View on getting one with a touchscreen.  Undoubtedly your Windows notebook will come loaded with the Windows 8 operating system and Windows 8 was designed for touchscreens.

I read a lot of articles and product comments and the number one complaint by far about the newer laptops is Windows 8.  That’s unfortunate because it really is an advance over Windows 7 and has a lot to offer.  It’s just that buying a standard laptop and also trying to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8 at the same time is overwhelming for most people.  You will enjoy your new Windows 8 experience much more if you opt for a touchscreen laptop.

In the last year or so, touchscreen laptops have been coming on strong; or as strong as they can in light of the new tablets and convertible laptops.  That’s because of Windows 8 and the competition from tablets, convertibles, and smart phones.

The lines are definitely blurring among device types and you will even see that in our list.  Laptops are becoming tablets, tablets are getting keyboards, tablets are getting smaller, smart phones are getting bigger, and laptops are converting into tablets.  It’s hard to say what’s going to win out in the long term, but in the short term, the trend appears to be towards small-footprint, flexible tablets and convertible laptops.

Our list of top laptop brands has a little bit of everything, but one thing all these Windows 8 devices have in common is a touchscreen.  As soon as we write a new article, it seems a manufacturer releases a new device that threatens to take the market.  That’s just the way it is and probably always will be.  So take a look at our list and see if you agree that one of these devices might be the best touchscreen notebook for you!

Top Laptop Brands: Top 5 Touchscreen Windows Notebooks

Looking at our list, you will see Ultrabooks and convertibles.  That’s because the Ultrabook specification and other convertible laptop specifications will continue to be popular in 2014.  The most useful notebooks are designed around Windows 8 and definitely have a touchscreen and/or are convertible into tablets.  With that in mind, here are our Top 5 touchscreen windows notebooks.

Laptop Brands Top ASUS VivoBook S550CA-DS51T Full View#5 – Top Laptop Brands: ASUS VivoBook S550CA-DS51T 15.6-Inch Laptop

The ASUS VivoBook S550CA-DS51T is an Intel Ultrabook notebook with plenty of power and a touchscreen for under $650.  It will be hard to find this technology and these features in another notebook for the price.  Take a look at some of its key features.

Top Laptop Brands Key Features

  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • 6 GB SDRAM
  • All-glass 15.6-inch LED HD touchscreen
  • 500 GB HDD
  • 24 GB SSD
  • FREE ASUS web storage
  • ASUS SonicMaster Audio
  • Windows 8 64-bit

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Touchscreen Laptops Best Acer Aspire S7-392-6411 Front View#4 – Acer Aspire S7-392-6411

The Acer Aspire S7-392-6411, an Intel Ultrabook, has the style, performance, and features to make it one of the top notebooks.  From its Crystal White unibody chassis to its dual core Intel i5 processor it will amaze you at every look.  Here are some of its key features.

Key Features

  • 64-bit dual core Intel Core i5 processor
  • 8 GB SDRAM
  • Gorilla glass 13.3-inch full HD, LED backlit, 10-point multi-touch display
  • 128 GB SSD
  • Windows 8

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Touch Screen Laptop Sony VAIO Pro SVP11213CXS Front View#3 – Sony Vaio Pro SVP11213CXS 11.6-Inch Core i5 Ultrabook Touch Screen Laptop

One great Sony contribution to the Ultrabook touchscreen market is the Sony Vaio Pro SVP11213CXS.  It is lightweight, has a full HD touchscreen, and a powerful processor.  Here are some of its key features.

Key Features

  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • 4 GB of SDRAM
  • 11.6-inch full HD touchscreen
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • 128 GB SSD

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Ultrabook Touchscreen Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Modes#2 – Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

This is our first mention of a convertible notebook.  The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro is truly amazing in its ability to be switched between 4 separate modes.  It also has a beautiful 13.3-inch super high resolution display capable of 3200 x 1800 pixels.  Optimized for Windows 8.1, the Yoga 2 Pro is a highly portable solution for those who don’t want the expense of buying both a tablet and a notebook.  Take a look at its key features.

Key Features

  • Ultra-thin and ultra-light
  • Capability to convert to 4 modes including laptop,  tablet, tent, and stand.
  • Choice of three 4th Gen Intel Core processors
  • 8 GB of SDRAM
  • 64-bit Windows 8.1
  • 13.3-inch super high resolution (3200 x 1800 pixels) display
  • Quad HD+ 10 point multi-touch display
  • Choice of 128 GB, 256 GB, or 512 GB SSD

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Microsoft Notebook Surface Pro 2 Front View#1 – Microsoft Surface Pro 2

This is the direction of new Windows notebooks this year.  The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 convertible notebook is a much a tablet as it is a laptop easily converting between both.  More power than a tablet and smaller than the average notebook, the Surface Pro 2 works great as either a tablet or a notebook for work and play.  Here are its key features.

Key Features

  • 4th Gen Core i5 processor
  • Your choice of 4 or 8 GB SDRAM
  • 10.6-inch full HD (1980 x 1080 pixels) touchscreen display
  • Choice of 128 GB, 256 GB, or 512 GB SSD
  • Perfect for work or play
  • Digital pen
  • Front- and rear-facing HD cameras
  • Windows 8.1 Pro

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Top Laptop Brands Comparison Chart

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