Some sort of cash drawer, possibly a USB cash drawer is essential to any business that accepts cash in the process of conducting commerce including for example restaurants, retail stores,USB Cash Drawer APG VB554A-BL1616 Vasario Series Top Cash View kiosks, or other small storefronts.  It may come as part of a cash register or a standalone drawer that is driven by another point of sale (POS) device like a receipt printer or POS system.  A USB cash drawer is a great choice for businesses on a budget that already have a USB-equipped PC desktop, laptop, or tablet that can run POS software.  Smaller operations at flea markets or garage sales may be able to get away with a cash box, but if you’re serious about collecting cash and making change in anything but the smallest retail operation, you need a cash drawer.


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A USB cash drawer, like any cash drawer consists of a lockable drawer that you can place under the counter or under your PC on the counter and usually has a removable compartmented till where you can organize cash denominations of bills and coins.

A USB cash drawer is USB-driven meaning that you connect the drawer to your PC or USB-enabled device using its USB interface and a USB cable.  Together, a PC and USB cash drawer provide capability just like any other cash registers you might find at a retail store.

USB Cash Drawer: Top Rated Budget POS Cash Drawer

USB Cash Drawer Buying Tips

USB Cash Drawer Durability

In general, cash drawers take a beating in a retail environment.  They need to be able to withstand possibly 100s of openings and closings during the day and may be subject to dings and dents from products and inadvertent cashier abuse.

USB Cash Drawer APG VB554A-BL1616 Vasario Series Cash Drawer Till ViewStrong, durable metal drawers also deter theft by presenting a secure view to prying eyes.  With that in mind, the cash drawer you choose should be of quality metal construction capable of enduring the tough retail environment.

For the average retail environment, a standard cash drawer probably will be all you need, but if your environment has higher theft risk or the drawer may be subject to extra abuse, you may want to consider a more expensive heavy-duty model.

Drawer Slides

Opening and closing the drawer 100s of times per day subjects it to wear and tear.  The best drawers ride on roller bearing that make opening the drawer smoother and create less wear.

Multi-Function Locking

All cash drawers are lockable either electronically, manually, or both.  The best drawers give you the flexibility to choose your locking strategy.  Four position locking is the best giving you the option to lock the drawer electronically, unlock the drawer electronically, manually control the lock, or lock the drawer open.

Removable Till

The till is the insert where you organize your cash and coins and most are removable.  There are a couple of good reasons to expect a removable till in any cash drawer you buy.

  • You probably have checks, large denomination bills, and other types of paperwork that you accept that is not easily organized directly in the till compartments. A removable till allows you to store these documents temporarily under the till
  • At some time during the day, possibly multiple times, you will want to count the cash in the drawer. It is safer and more secure to do this away from the retail area.  You might even choose to have more than one insert so that you can exchange drawers during shift changes or cashier changes.USB Cash Drawer APG VB554A-BL1616 Vasario Series Canted Closed View

Media Slots

The fewer times you have to open your cash drawer during business hours, the safer your cash will be and the less your risk of theft or robbery.  One way to reduce the cash drawer openings is to buy a drawer with media slots.  Media slots are slots included in the front of the drawer though which you can insert checks and other non-cash receipts that you need to store in the drawer without having to actually open the drawer.  Some POS software can even be configured to only open the drawer for cash transactions making media slots a virtual necessity.

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Cash Control Tabs

In high cash-flow environments, bills may be subject to airflow from opening and closing the drawer, constant shuffling of the bills, an overactive air conditioning system, or constant opening and closing of your store’s front door.  Any of these characteristics of your environment may put the cash at risk of being misplaced in the drawer or even flying away.  To prevent this, many drawers are equipped with cash control tabs that hold bills in place while the drawer is open.  They are an extra security feature that is good to have.


USB Cable

Look for the USB cash drawer you buy to come with a USB cable at least 6 feet in length.  If your drawer doesn’t come with a cable you will have to buy one separately.  The 6 ft. length will give you flexibility in placement of the drawer particularly if your business is a startup and the layout may be subject to change.

APG VB554A-BL1616 Vasario Series Standard-Duty Painted-Front Cash Drawer

APGUSB Cash Drawer APG VB554A-BL1616 Vasario Series Canted Open View is one of the top cash drawer manufacturers and offers durable and dependable solutions like the APG VB554A-BL1616 Vasario Series standard-duty painted-front cash drawer.  This model APG cash drawer has many of the features you’re looking for in a reasonably-priced USB-driven drawer.  Complete with a USBPro II interface, this member of APG’s Vasario Series is perfect for low to medium volume POS environments.  Here’s what you need to know.


  • Constructed of durable steel for strength and durability with a black wear- and corrosion-resistant powder-coated finish
  • Built-in USBPro II USB interface
  • Smooth roller bearings increase the life of the drawer while making opening and closing easy and fast
  • Plastic till has five bill and five coin compartments
  • Strong latch securely holds the drawer shut and release the drawer when open
  • Hold-down cash control tabs keep bills securely in place yet flip up easily for inserting or removing bills
  • Four-function lock has lock closed, lock open, open electronically, or open manually functions
  • Two media slots for non-cash insertion without opening the drawer
  • Sturdy construction will support a monitor, receipt printer or other POS devices
  • Tested to 1 million operations
  • 6 ft. USB cable included
  • Storage temperature range from -22 to +122 degrees F and operating temperature range from +32 to +104 degrees F
  • Cash drawer dimensions are 16.2W x 16.3D x 4.3H inches




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